Nitrogen makes up approximately 78% of the Air we breathe.  When you use the CapitalAir pioneered Tire Inflation system to replace the Oxygen and other gases in your tires with 99.998% Pure Nitrogen you can expect the following:

1. Enhanced Handling

2. Improved Fuel Efficiency

3. Extended Tire Life

4. "Green" Process to protect the environment and

5. Enhanced Road Saftey

Most people do not check their Tire Pressure, for all of you who this fits then Nitrogen is for you and for those of you who do check then Nitrogen is for you also.  Using Nitrogen will eliminate the need for regular tire checks. 


The Air used for Tire inflation consists of:


a) 1% Water Vapor and Other Gases – Escapes up to 250 Times faster than Nitrogen

b) 21% Oxygen – Escapes 3 – 4 Times faster than Nitrogen

c) 78% Nitrogen – The largest molecule in Air, Dry and Non-Flammable

Because of their large size Nitrogen molecules are the least permeable through the tire.  The CapitalAir Tire Inflation system is not about the Nitrogen, it is about using a system to get the other gases other than Nitrogen out of the tire.

You will see three major benefits from replacing the Air with Nitrogen:


1. Increased Fuel Efficiency – Proper Inflation makes sure you have the correct contact path between the tire and the road.  This lessens rolling resistance and maximizes furl efficiency.

2. Longer Tire Life – When the Tire material comes in contact with other materials like Oxygen it is degraded.  Oxygen causes oxidation which can make the rubber brittle and weaker.  As well as the combination of Temperature and Oxidation can damage inner tire liners and belt packages.

3. Increased Safety – Blowouts are caused mainly by under-inflated tires. Using Nitrogen will provide a more reliable tire pressure and reduce the potential of tire blowout.

Other benefits include:


1. Improved Tire Pressure Monitoring System Performance – New Cars can be plagued with sensors telling you your tire pressure is low.  After inflating with Nitrogen this will be all but eliminated.

2. Longer Rim Life – Rim rust caused by condensation from water vapor and other gases can get caught in valves and create slow leaks in tires. Nitrogen is completely dry, so it eliminates the potential for condensation.