Welding Tables

The Build Pro welding table by StrongHand Tools is one of the most adaptable welding and fixturing tables in the market. The modular design allows the precision ground and CNC machined top plates to be reconfigured to extend to the width of the table for larger projects. The table is also easy to set-up and tear down, saving valuable work space. The BuildPro helps decrease fixture set-up time, and increase work efficiency.

  • Heavy duty self leveling feet 
  • 1-3/4" spacing between plates
  • Table flatness of .004" / foot
  • Hole diameter: .625" + .002"
  • Hole spacing: 2.000" ± .0015"
  • Anondized aluminum plate ideal for welding stainless 
  • Model TMA74738 36" table height
  • Model TMB74738 30" table height

These tables come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. The FIVE-FACE table design uses a 25 mm thick plate. Reinforcement underneath creates a rigid work surface. A standard plasma nitride finish on all tables makes the work surface resistant to wear, deformation, and weld spatter.

Siegmund welding tables are highly adaptable and easily configured to suit the job at hand whether you have a wide range of jobs or a specific application.