Entertainment Centers,

Providers & Suppliers

CapitalAir is a leading provider to entertainment centres, sports centres and party solution providers.  CapitalAir can also provide balloon grad Helium and portable cylinders for on site preparation.

Food Grade Gases

Carbon Dioxide--Carbonated Beverages and Beer

CapitalAir guarantees a reliable supply of high-quality CO2, used to carbonate beer and other beverages.

Nitrogen--Non-Carbonated Beverages

Nitrogen is used in the inerting and deoxygenation process to preserve the quality of non-carbonated beverages, such as iced tea, fruit juices and milk beverages.

Nitrogen/Carbon Dioxide Mixes--Draft Beverages

CO2 and nitrogen cylinders are often used to serve drinks on tap, such as soft drinks and draft beer in fast food restaurants and bars.

Specialty Gases--Wine

CapitalAir offers specialty gases used in wine making that protect the grape, from harvest to transfer; it's quality,  fermentation, and carbonation; thus preserving the personality and nobility of a fine vintage.

Food Grade Equipment


We supply regulator requirements for every application you have, and offer products from respected manufacturers.

CapitalAir is the leading provider and leader in manufacturing precision gas control equipment. Their quality control systems meet or exceed compliance with the Canadian & U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations.