Cylinder Management System

Computerized Cylinder Management
A System That Works For You:
Optimize your cylinder inventory
Minimize your cylinder rental expense
Reduce potential loss-of-use expense
Improve plant and work area safety
  • Each cylinder has its own bar code and serial number
  • Customer order # entered into hand-held computer, on delivery
  • Driver scans each cylinder bar code delivered and/or returned
  • Driver prints delivery ticket; copies to order and packing slip
  • Delivery or return info uploaded daily into computer system
  • Order#, customer#, cylinder# and gas types double checked to maintain accuracy

CapitalAir and its supply chain combines bar code and serial number tracking technology with cylinder management experience to provide accurate verifiable tracking of cylinders coming into, moving through and leaving your locations. This method of cylinder tracking is the most dependable and reliable system available.
Misplaced or Stolen Cylinders?
When a cylinder is misplaced and returned by another customer, the bar code tracking system recognizes this return and credits the correct customer account.
Cylinders that are lost or misplaced are invoiced for loss-of-use. When a misplaced cylinder is returned, CapitalAir credits the account of the loss-of-use charge, minus the intervening rental charge.

CapitalAir strives to offer cost saving products and services. No other cylinder management program offers more cylinder control over inventory costs than the bar code tracking system we utilize.