CapitalAir offers a complete line of Industrial gases and equipment for welding, cutting, finishing and many other industrial processes.  We offer a range of sizes as well as grades of gases.  CapitalAir can also offer preblended welding gas mixtures as well as custom mixtures.  We will work with our clients to help optimize the gases being used as well as the size of these gases to eliminate the need to stock extra cylinders or larger than required cylinders.  We can supply both compressed cylinders as well as Liquified Gases.

CapitalAir Microbulk on-site gas delivery system is the alternative to traditional High Pressure or Liquid Cylinder supply for your business. By replacing CO2, Nitrogen or Argon cylinders
with an on-site, uninterrupted supply, our Microbulk delivery system maximizes profitability and improves efficiency.  CapitalAir is taking the lead in the Specialty Gas Market in giving our clients what they need to run their operations.   Using our telemetry system in conjunction with a properly sized system makes your in house gas supply completely hands off.  Pitagora will manage the supply and levels remotely and just in time deliveries will eliminate the need to stockpile gases which leads to demurrage savings as well as a safer work environment.


• Uninterrupted supply

• PSC supply management telemetry

• No cylinder handling and changeouts

• Reduced inventory management

Increased Productivity And Savings

• Eliminates downtime from cylinder changeouts

• No residual returned to supplier

• More efficient accounting and ordering

• Minimum inventory maintenance

• Productive use of labor force

• Efficient use of production space

• Lower maintenance costs

High Quality

• Consistent high purity

• Higher product yield

• Uniform supply


Improved Safety

• Eliminates cylinder handling

• No worries about cylinder leaks

• High-pressure cylinders replaced by low-pressure tanks
Please contact us for all your industrial gas needs and we can supply you with a complete list of rods, electrodes and accessories at your request.